Night at the Movies with Eric 1

Comic book come to life movies is a passion of mine which is why I went to see X-Men First Class and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The movie producers did an amazing job giving the audience a background of the characters we enjoyed in the first three X-Men movies that came out in the previous years.

Since growing up on comic books and the X-MEN to be in fact, I wanted to see how the movie stayed with the original Stan Lee story line of the Marvel heroes.  In my opinion they did a marvelous job with a few minor modifications for the big screen.

The background of the story fits many of today’s scenarios of being different and trying to fit in along with the lengths some would go to mesh in society.

The movie did a great job of showing how being different is not so bad.  Well I would also assume that having a few super human powers would not hurt either.

This is definitely a must see.  I definitely recommend this movie.

Enjoy your night at the movies with X-MEN First Class.

Night at the Movies with Eric 2


  1. Hey man – I went through this a bit, but there are still a number of fragments and, instead of me trying to understand exactly what you're looking to say – can you go back and proofread the text?

    Right above the text box is a button (ABC with a checkmark) that you can use to check spelling, grammar and sentence composition. You can use that button during the writing phase to make sure everything is sounding right.

    Check a few things in the post then I'll get it published for you – thanks man

  2. I know it took me a bit but I just totally re-wrote it. I still want to do a piece on Hangover 2 as in my opinion crossed so many boundaries in pushing the movie rating envelop. LOL
    I was very surprised at the content in the movie. Not sure if you seen it but wow. It was funny but I am wondering if it will stir up any controversies.


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