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Unfriend this, Facebook!

Have you ever, or known anyone who has, tattooed the name or a symbol of sentimental significance of an ex on your body?  How many of those stories ended with, “and I married him(her)!  We stare lovingly at each other’s tattoo after a walk on the beach and are living happily ever after.”

Or are you more likely to wake up the next morning, hungover, do a double-take at your fresh tattoo while screaming a series of creatively strung curses?

Well, imagine tattooing profile photos of over 150 of your Facebook friends on your arm.  YouTube user, susyj87, not only tattooed her arm with over 150 of her closest Facebook friends, she even videoed the process to further declare her devotion to them.

Talk about best friends forever. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApOWWb7Mqdo&w=425&h=349]

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  • Wow this was amazing right here and I have never heard of any thing like this. I really hope this are life long friends right here.

  • @Justicewordlaw I agree. If not she'll have a huge laser removal bill when she gets older !!