I worked for Apple for 8 years and spent a ton of time at the Infinite Loop campus – beautiful place.


Now, the Apple employee count has grown upwards of 9,000+ and there needs to be a state-of-the-art facility to house these great minds; no longer in old-style “not very good” buildings (those are Steve’s words…)

With that thought in mind, after a successful WWDC 2011 kick off, Steve Jobs headed over to the Cupertino City Council and told them of his idea to build the Apple Spaceship.

Apple Wants A Spaceship In Cupertino 1

Watch the video below to see the full presentation, but some of the key features, as summarized by TechCrunch are:

Key facts about the new Apple campus:

  • Design will include a courtyard in the middle and curved glass all the way around.
  • Jobs is planning on transforming an area that’s 20% landscaping to 80% landscaping by putting most of the building’s parking underground.
  • There are 3,700 trees in the area at the moment, Jobs has hired an arborist from Stanford to take the area up to 6,000 trees.
  • The plan is to build a four-story high building and four-story parking structure.
  • The campus will include an energy center, and natural gas will be the primary source of power, using the grid as backup.
  • There will be an auditorium, fitness center and some R & D buildings.
  • Jobs plans a 40% increase in Apple employees going from 9,500 today to 13, 000 in 2015.
  • He wants to increase the campus’ space 20% from 2.6 million to 3.1 million square feet.
  • Landscaping will increase 60% from 3,700 to 6,000.
  • Surface parking will decrease 90% from 9,800 to 1,200.
  • The building footprint will decrease 30% from 1.4 million to 1 million.
  • Cafeterias will fit 3,000 people at a sitting.
  • The whole building will be designed with the utmost concern for employee safety.
  • Apple currently has 20 buses running on bio-diesel fuel for its employees and Jobs thinks that system will work well with the new campus.
  • The plan for the new design will submitted asap, and Jobs hopes to break ground next year and move in 2015.

I like it !!

[image via: Redmond Pie]



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