Ahead of next week’s World Wide Developer Conference Keynote, Apple has announced the immediate availability of iWork for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


iWork on iPhone Keynote Sharing.

Previous Apple’s iWork suite was available as an iPad Only application, but now those without Apple’s tablet can enjoy the functionality of iWork on their devices as well.

There are some minimum requirements regarding installing iWork on your iPhone or iPod Touch. In order to use iWork you must have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or an iPod Touch 3rd Generation or iPod Touch 4th Generation. Any other iOS-based device will not be able to run iWork.

The size of each application has increased, this is not surprising. The surprising part is exactly how much. For Pages, the increase has gone from 53.9MB with version 1.3.1 to 92.2MB, an increase of 71.1%.

Numbers increased from 73.4MB to 123.7MB. This is a 68.5% increase in size. Finally, Keynote increased from 70.2MB to 125.1MB. This is the largest increase at 78.2%. These changes are due to the new resources and universal code that is needed.

iWork for iPhone and iPod Touch, Numbers.

The three applications that comprise the iWork Suite, Pages, Keynote and Numbers are available for $9.99 each. If you already purchased any of these products for the iPad all you need to do is update and you will get the universal application automatically.


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