Bush 43 just wanted to catch a Ranger’s game and almost took a foul ball off his dome.



I have to give the former President props for his baseball etiquette, he did not interfere with the play as too many fans often do.

Cubs fans still remember Steve Bartman, and I am sure Moises Alou would love to catch him a a dark alley.

So before we break out the Bush Bashing Stick for the former President not trying to protect his wife and her female companion, you have to remember he was a former baseball owner and did what every fan should do, STAY OUT OF THE GAME.  Better question would be: where was the Secret Service?  They will take a bullet but not a foul ball?

As a side note, Bush 43 should be careful who he asks  if they are alright, A.J. Pierzynski has been know to knee his own trainer in the groin for asking if he was okay.



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