You can call this the summer of Sequels, Prequels and Remakes. Here they come ready or not!  The summer blockbuster season hits it stride tomorrow with the release of the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.  Can Johnny Depp draw enough moviegoers to cover $200 million in production costs? Were you as disappointed with the third installment as I was?

Next week brings two more sequels.  The boys from The Hangover are at it again. Can their destination wedding adventures top the most twisted bachelor party Las Vegas has ever seen?  I am betting this one is a hit, do you agree? The formula paid big dividends the first time, can they sustain it a second time? Just the setting change alone should provide enough new material to keep audiences entertained.

Assuming the kids won’t be watching The Hangover, Dreamworks felt it was safe to launch the Kung Fu Panda sequel on the same weekend. I think Dreamworks is trying to get it’s money while they have a chance, before the Pixar sequel to Cars is released next month.

Will you be enticed to spend your movie money this month? Or are you waiting for something later in the summer?  Check back soon, I will be posting the line up for June and most likely some commentary from the Hangover 2.


The Summer Blockbusters Are Here! 1



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