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The Space Shuttle Endeavour took off for the final time earlier this week. A young lady by the name of Stefanie Gordon was on a flight headed to Florida and she did only a few things during that flight. Those few things have propelled her to instant internet fame.

Stefanie took a few photos with her mobile phone, took a few videos, then she tweeted the photos and videos. In the words of Steve Jobs himself – BOOM !

Enter the instant internet fame – interviews on radio and TV galore.

Her Twitter followers has skyrocketed (no pun intended) and I’m certain that she’s had a number of connect requests since she’s posted her LinkedIN profile.

With the shout out to Apple in the video interview below, she was using an iPhone to capture this moment, I would guess she or her photo will be in a future Apple commercial.

I’m seeing a future for this young lady in marketing, or public relations.

Follow Stefanie online: Twitter | LinkedIN | TwitVid | Blog

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