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Tech Byte: Buffer WordPress Plugin Released

Twitter has become one of the definitive means of sharing and collaborating online – no question about that.

Many of us have dashboards and services running that integrate into Twitter, that provide us with an over abundance of information throughout the day. A good percentage of that information is trivial, but a decent percentage of that firehose of information coming our way is worth sharing with our sphere of influence.

With that – we tend to want to tweet and retweet that information to our attentive and ever-growing collection of online followers.

The catch-22 is that you don’t want to end up looking like a spammer and retweeting every single bit of news every 2 minutes throughout the day. That could get annoying and that could be received as someone just broadcasting instead of sharing and actually collaborating online. What you want to do is schedule (“buffer”) tweets and retweets to post consistently over a period of time.

Enter Buffer – I’ve written about Buffer a few times here on THE Tech Scoop; I’ve also had the co-founder publish a guest post talking about the tool (read that post here). Also, here’s a quick video overview of it’s functionality.

Today is a great day for self-hosted WordPress site owners as Buffer has released a plugin that will easily integrate the Buffer functionality into posts and pages.

It’s only at version 0.2. That’s fine because the functionality that’s desperately needed is already there – anything that comes further down the road is icing on the cake !!

After downloading and activating the plugin to your self-hosted WordPress blog, the configuration options are very straightforward. See the quick video walk-through I captured earlier as I set it up here on THE Tech Scoop.

I decided to go with the larger button for better visibility.

Before Buffer
After Buffer

What’s next? Again, only integration enhancements are needed, in my opinion. Surely there will be linkages into other new media platforms. It would be an interesting shift to see if Buffer adds social gamification into forth-coming releases (such as integration with the likes of BadgeVille and my favorite gamification platform – BigDoor).

Great work thus far Leo and Joel !!

Follow Buffer online: website | Twitter | Get the WordPress plugin here.