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Sony’s PlayStation Network Begins Anew

Sony's Playstation Network Rebuild Map as of 5/14/2011

Sony has begun bringing their PlayStation Network and Qrocity back online after an almost month-long outage. As we have covered Sony has a breach back on April 20th and subsequently took down its PlayStation Network in order to resolve the security issues that are caused a massive data breach of 77 Million credit card numbers as well as user information.

With the restart of the PlayStation Network Sony is also requiring users to update their firmware to version 3.61. You will not be able to get online and play multiplayer games without updating your PlayStation 3’s firmware.

Along with updated firmware users can now change their passwords. This is absolutely recommended due to the aforementioned data breach of 77 Million accounts. By the time you are reading this you should be able to get back to fragging your buddies without any issues, provided you have down the two steps mentioned above.

In order to change you password you will need to use the PlayStation 3 that is registered with your PlayStation Network account. Sony is doing this to add an additional layer of security to make sure that it is really you who wishes to change your password, not just a hacker pretending to be you. I was able to change my password right from Sony’s PlayStation website, so it may be an option to use both platforms to change your password. The other explanation could be that I did not have any credit card information stored in my PlayStation account, so that be another factor.

If you want to watch the PlayStation Network relaunch announcement you may do so at Sony’s PlayStation Blog.


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