RIM Buys Tungle 1Tungle is one of the best and most impressive online calendar and meeting organization apps available.


I use it on many occasions and have recommended it to a number of colleagues.

It was surprising to get a message this morning from Tungle CEO and founder Marc Gingras stating that his team was recently acquired by RIM.

This is great news for Blackberry users, obviously because now there will be serious focus on integration of a scalable and user-friendly group calendaring application.

What, however, does this mean to us iOS device users? Hopefully the iPhone/iPod application will continue to get development and attention otherwise many of us will have to look to a mediocre alternative.

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  1. I have been a Tungle supporter from the beginning and have recommended to numerous clients. However, that has now changed. Tungle has recently indicated in their support channel that they do not plan to provide connection to iCloud calendaring (MobileMe’s evolution). This indicates that they are intentionally not wanting iOS customers and my guess this is part of RIM’s strategy. I hope Tungle realizes that by intentionally blocking a large group of users from sharing Tungle will negatively affect the use of Tungle for all of its users.

    Any suggestions for a robust alternative to Tungle? I am looking at Doodle as a possible solution now.


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