iOS QR Code Reader - Courtesy of SocialWayne 1I have the pleasure of announcing that one of my professional colleagues, Wayne Sutton – a new media pioneer, has recently launched a QR code reader app for the iOS platform.

QR codes, geo-location, and social sharing are what’s hot right now; anyone who is even remotely involved with the interweb knows that. How to effectively share and communicate your message to your readers/viewers/followers/networks is how brands, businesses and individuals are helping market product and services.

The QR code is one of the next iterations of creative marketing and sharing of information.

With Wayne’s new iPhone app he is essentially bridging mobile, social, online and offline communities to provide a new way of mobile engagement.

Some of the key features included within the app are:


  • Super Fast QR Code Reader
  • Open in Mobile Safari
  • Flashlight for iPhone 4 users – Believe it or not, this is going to be incredibly useful
  • URL Reader Display


  • Real-time chat with other SocialWayne app users across the world.
  • Create an account or use your TriOut login
  • Simple, elegant chat interface
  • Real time message stamp


  • Show upcoming technology or social media conference
  • See Wayne’s upcoming schedule – nice, but I want to show my schedule too 🙂


  • Access to Mobile Twitter
  • Access to Mobile Facebook
  • See social media recent updates from Wayne Sutton’s blog, Twitter and Facebook

Head over to the iTunes App Store and download this free app today.
SocialWayne - Wayne Sutton QR Code Reader - TriOut

Wayne’s app is built on the TriOut platform. TriOut builds mobile community applications for individuals, businesses, conferences and educational institutions. Check out the video interview below that Robert Scoble did with Wayne at SXSW talking about the goodness that is – TriOut.


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