Interestingly ingenius – that’s how I”ll describe this invention.

I found this story on the Core77 Design website and thought it was definitely something that should be shared with THE Tech Scoop readership as well.

Conceived by Chris McNicoll, the @tweetingseat is a new addition to the Botanical Gardens in Dundee, Scotland.

Essentially, every time someone sits on the bench, a snapshot taken from a camera in the bench, and another in a nearby tree, are uploaded to Twitter, automatically capturing the sitters and their view from the bench.

Regardless of the usefulness – this bench is cool, in Chris’ own words, he’s hoping to illustrate and explore “the potential for connecting digital and physical communities”.

“TweetingSeat has been created in order to explore the environments in which it is placed and look at the people whom it encounters”, explains Chris. “The way in which the bench should be used has purposely been left open, allowing people and communities to build their own relationship with it.”

Keep up with Chis on his site here. Interestingly enough, Chris doesn’t list a Twitter account on his site…

Fun stuff my good man.


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