Klout Re-launch Coming Soon - #NewKlout 1Joe Fernandez – the man with the plan and CEO at Klout recently gave an interview to WSJ talking about all the goodness that is – #NewKlout.


Joe and his team are phenomenal people – I know and have interacted with many of the official KloutStars on a number of occasions and they really are loving what they do and it’s refreshing to see the positive drive in each of them.

It’s been a great year for them thus far, not only from the perspective of gaining traction in the marketplace, but also gaining additional funding, moving into new offices and continually collaborating with top-tier brands to provide Klout Influencers with KloutPerks that are fun, exciting, and yes sometimes envied (man I wish I was 100 miles down the road in San Francisco sometimes…)

With the relaunch, that is expected in the new day or so, Klout will now make it much clearer as to what it actually means to have Klout. To summarize Joe’s words – everyone has Klout, and the goal of his organization and team is to “help you understand your influence and grow your personal Klout.”

The site will be relaunched with a much cleaner and understandable interface – it’s good now, but more clarity is always welcome especially when you’re talking about measuring someone’s perceived influence.

There will also be watermarks or thresholds showing how far you are from receiving one of those awesome KloutPerks.

There will be data as to why your Klout score has changed , and how to improve your score – which is good to know since they update scores daily.

Of all the items Joe mentions in his interview I think I’m most excited about clearly being able to see what’s happening in my own network and sphere of influence, as it relates to my Klout score. I keep in touch with a number of influencers that have scores in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and I’d like to understand more about what they’re doing to consistently maintain such dynamic numbers.

I was able to log in tonight and get a peek at the new layout – looks really good:

Klout Re-launch Coming Soon - #NewKlout 2

Check out the video below of Joe sitting down with WSJ’s Liz Gannes.

What do you think?

Klout Re-launch Coming Soon - #NewKlout 3


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