Google shutters its Google Video service 1
Google + YouTube

In January of 2005 Google launched a little service called Google Video, much like YouTube.

Google Video was going to be a place where users could find, download and even purchase videos in order to be able to view them at any point.

Over the weekend Google announced that it will be shuttering Google Video on May 13th. 2005.

At that point you will no longer be able to download your videos. Preceding this close down,  users will not be able to playback videos as of April 29th.

This should not come as a huge surprise to many people. Google purchased YouTube back in October of 2006 for a staggering $1.65 Billion. We all know how huge YouTube has become and surpassed any usage of Google Video.

Google has invested heavily in YouTube since their acquisition. Not just monetarily, but also in making sure that YouTube has sustained their massive growth.

It is sad to see a potentially good video service close down. However, it is not the end of the world. Other sites will be opened and subsequently close. Google can always post a goodbye video on YouTube.


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