The Cosmonaut: A Touch Screen Stylus That WORKS! 1

I could be bias and just say iPad instead of just ‘touch screen’ tablet, but the fact of the matter is – this device is cross-platform and can be used on Android and other OS-based devices as well.


Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost are two New York designers who work under the moniker Studio Neat. Their goal: We enjoy making simple things and making things simple.

We touch screen tablet users seriously need a functional device for writing notes, drawing diagrams and simply navigating around the screen; the smudging marks left by a finger just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

That being said Tom and Dan have enlisted the crowdsourced funding community of Kickstarter to help raise funding and support for their latest invention: The Cosmonaut.

Watch the video below and, if you’re so inclined, chip in to help them reach their goal.


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