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Time for another tearful “Leave Britney Alone” proclamation?

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At almost 38 million views on YouTube, and spoofs done by Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Green, you can’t deny the viral impact Chris Crocker’s tearful “Leave Britney Alone” video had on the Internet.  It’s now three years later and Britney is once again the target of media fire.

Despite her record-breaking legacy on Billboard Hot 100 (with four #1 singles.  She’s only the second artist in history to have two consecutive singles debut at #1, after Mariah Carey), her most recent live shows have once again stirred heated debates in the entertainment world.  Although her concert from this past weekend did not exceed her notorious performance on MTV Music Awards in 2007, critics still couldn’t help but compare Britney to her prime.

Caryn Ganz from The Amplifier music blog inserts that Britney’s recent “Femme Fatale” shows “were heavy on hair tossing, walking, and half-hearted lip-synching.”

Is Brit-Brit on her way to a come back, or are the dates “1999-2004” really engraved on her live performance tombstone?

You be the judge.


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  1. @HicksNewMedia Ha ha but brother I got about 5 or 6 of her jams get I get down with on semi-regular basis! She just makes good music. And having lived in Shreveport, LA (basically where she's from), I've a grown a greater appreciation what she's done and where she comes from.

  2. Love the way they transformed one of my old venues – The Bill Graham Civic Center, in San Francisco, and broadcasted the performance live. Yeah – back in the day, I used to work for Clear Channel Entertainment and Bill Graham Presents – so I've done MANY events in that building.

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