BET Gets Interactive With New 106 & PARK iApp 1BET Networks is making a big splash in the mobile device application scene. Today they unveiled a new app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

This new app will allow fans to enjoy a deeper and more interactive experience while they are watching 106 & PARK.

“This App is the first of its kind to fully integrate a real-time mobile user audience with a live TV show,” said Denmark West, President of Digital at BET Networks. “We wanted to create a meaningful socially integrated experience that captures the spirit of the 106 & PARK show, the pulse of youth culture.”

106 & PARK attracts an average of 791,000 viewers per day – many of whom are early adopters of technology and heavy users of smartphones.

For the roughly 791,000+ weekly viewers of the show this is definitely going to be seen as a welcome addition to enhancing the overall experience.

The 106 & PARK App includes several groundbreaking features, including:

  • Location-based ‘Fame Lottery’ – Users logged into the app will appear on the “106 Nation” live heat map on the show’s set. Hosts zoom into a city and call one lucky app user in that city.
  • ‘Twitter Wall’ – Users can pan around to see who is watching the show and what they’re saying about today’s trending topic. Users can also post Tweets which have the chance to be read live on the air.
  • Mobile barcodes – Users can unlock special content and prizes by scanning the “Code106” mobile barcodes that appear regularly during the show.
  • Amateur competition voting – Users can vote for their favorite performer and see how individual votes stack up against the rest of the country’s in real-time.
  • Countdown video voting – Users scratch a record like a DJ to rack up votes for their favorite countdown video. The more a user plays, the more votes are cast.

The 106 & PARK App also contains over 70 artist bios, each containing articles, photos, videos and recent Tweets. High-quality video clips from previous 106 & PARK episodes are also available within the App for users to enjoy.

You can download the FREE app from the Apple App Store here.

BET Gets Interactive With New 106 & PARK iApp 2

106 & PARK airs every weekday from 6:00 – 8:00 PM ET/PT – check your area and programming for times and availability.


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