Bloggers ‘blog’ for only a handful of reasons:

  • Passionate about sharing information
  • Want to make money
  • Job requirement

I specifically wrote the word passionate in reason #1 because, it can be a tough gig – this blogging thing.

There are many times when come up with interesting, creative, and original content can put a stress on our brains. But, that’s part of the excitement – being able to share information, and maybe get a few comments and reader interactions; that’s how we are able to voice opinion and share knowledge with the interweb.

The infographic below shows an interesting mix of how many of us there are, how many of us are making a little bit of coin, and how many of us are blogging just to blog ! Check it out and give your feedback in the comments.

The Blogger Economy: You a Hobbyist or a Pro? 1

[source: Grasshopper Group]



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