Chad Ochocinco isn’t sitting idle through what looks to be a forthcoming 2012 NFL Season lockout.

The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver has begun tryouts with the MLS Sporting Kansas City soccer team.

According to the report filed in The Washington Post, Ochocinco is no stranger to the game – he played soccer since age 4 but quit in high school.

With over 40 media members in attendance, Ochocinco spent much of the morning working with assistant coach Zoran Savic. He’s in KC on a four-day trial.

His NFL coach, Marvin Lewis, expressed his displeasure with the move Tuesday at the NFL owners’ meeting in New Orleans.

“How does he do at anything?” Lewis said. “What has he ever done that he’s completed? What circle has he ever connected in any way?”

Ochocinco tweeted his response: “Marvin Lewis won’t say anything bad about Carson Palmer stays kissing his [backside], but disses @ochocinco daily #smh.”

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