ZeeVee Re-launches Zinc.TV 1ZeeVee recently announced a new version of Zinc, a white-labeled, programmable platform that enables third parties to create private-branded Internet TV services.


What’s That Mean?

Service Providers (such as Comcast, DirectTV, etc.) want to expand their offerings to include Internet TV. The Zinc platform offers a unique suite of cloud-based apps which enables operators to build an Internet television platform that can find and manage content, program custom user experiences, and deliver it on both Internet-capable devices and traditional MPEG-4 IP set-tops.

You see how this is something that could be pretty cool ?

“We have invested four years evolving this technology, first as an end-user PC application, and now as a significant cloud-based web platform with strong automation and greatly simplified user interfaces. We have learned much from our loyal followers and are convinced that we have the ideal platform from which service providers can build their own best in class offerings,” said Vic Odryna, CEO. “We will continue to operate www.Zinc.TV as a user portal for consumers, because we learn greatly when working directly with end users.”


Zinc has automated its metadata engine enabling a highly scalable, readily maintainable solution. A new, lightweight HTML interface replaces Zinc’s original PC download application, enabling cross-device, multi-screen support.

Zinc now works on tablets, mobile phones, as well as PCs, MACs, and connected TVs.

The Zinc platform provides programming, business rules, private branding and APIs that enable Zinc to be the preeminent white-labeled Internet TV platform.

“After looking at nearly two dozen Internet TV plays, we decided ZeeVee had developed something really unique. The Zinc team has cracked the code on back-end automation that makes it possible to curate literally millions of pieces of content with almost no human intervention. The UI virtually eliminates dead ends when searching for and playing high value internet TV, through superior intelligent device and content filtering capability. This is exactly the type of functionality consumers have been craving and that service providers want to provide their customers, across all of their connected devices,” said Jeff Binder, General Partner at Genovation Capital, which has a stake in the company.

Zinc.TVĀ® is currently in trials with services providers and partners in the U.S., Europe, and Mexico.

Sidenote: Hey Zinc team, if you all need a “consumer beta tester” – hit me up…would love to try this out.

Find out more about Zinc at their website: www.Zinc.tv.


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