Gone are the days of the paper desktop or coat pocket calendar – those are now truly novelty items, but they’re no longer very practical.


It’s all about the digital calendar and being able to collaborate, share and update your schedules from anywhere, at anytime.

I use a service called Tungle.me (have always loved the name – even though I don’t know what it means…)

Tungle.me is arguably the most user-centric platform for managing your calendar. The integration with various social tools (such as Google and LinkedIN) make Tungle.me a great tool for personal and professional collaboration.

They’ve recently released a new video touting some of the functionality, and teasing to some new features on the roadmap.

What do you use for online calendaring? Or, better question – DO you use an online calendar?

Check them out at their website, and on Twitter. While you’re at it, if you want to schedule some time with me, you can see my Tungle.me calendar here.


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