Using Your iPad as a Business Productivity Tool 1Dave Caolo has written a book on using your iPad as a business tool. Aimed at small business owners and independent workers, “Using Your iPad as a Business Productivity Tool” makes one thing clear:

This is the computer you’ve been waiting for. And no, it’s not a toy.

What you’ll learn

According to Caolo, “…In this book, I’ll reveal why the iPad is the business machine you’ve always wanted. First, we’ll subdue unruly email. You say you’ve got multiple accounts, including Microsoft Exchange and Gmail, in addition to Apple’s own MobileMe? No problem. The iPad handles those and more. Stay on top of appointments with a powerful calendar application that isn’t limited to Apple’s own iCal. Most of us must give occasional slideshow presentations. I’ll show you how to manage that entire process — from drawing the first slide to connecting to a TV or projector — with your iPad alone. Next, we’ll look at working with spreadsheet solutions from Apple and others, consider what happened to those missing apps (and discover fantastic alternatives for each), and finally explore the best tips and tricks you can find.”

Where to buy

“Using Your iPad as a Business Productivity Tool” will first hit the iPad bookstore on March 1, 2011 for two weeks of exclusivity. After that, it will be available on the Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader Store.

Amazon is taking Kindle pre-orders now.

Read the rest of that interview with dave Caolo here: Using Your iPad as a Business Productivity Tool.




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