Kanye’s Tweet May Get Him In Trouble

Producer and rap artist extraordinaire Kanye West is talking…as always.

Well, now he’s tweeting – and a few hours ago Kanye posted something that just may get him into a bit of hot water.

Why am I posting it here on INFOtainment News? Purely for the fact that it’s “information, entertainment and news”

So let’s talk about it.


James Hicks

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One Comment

  1. I wish he would just stop. Stop trying to be noticed all of the time, stop trying to go against the grain all of the time, and stop saying crap that he knows will stir up problems ALL of the time.The dude makes great music and, honestly, he is very possible the best in the game right now, even next to Drake and Weezy. He doesn't need all of this other garbage. Just keep making one classic joint after another and be cool about it.

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