This weekend is going to be extremely exciting.

Flashing back a little over a month ago; I was at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with our Business Development Manager – that would be my wife (yeah we’re a family owned tech startup).

Moving on…

Taking a Tesla on the Open Road 1

While attending one of the many parties there in Vegas, we got the distinct opportunity to attend an event at The Cosmopolitan – which is the new fancy hotel/casino right in the center of the action on the Vegas Strip. There will be another post later about The Cosmopolitan;

they are THE place to be at – high class and fancy are the descriptive words that immediately came to mind when we walked through the doors.

droogThe party, which was sponsored by Bump Technologies, was held in the droog store inside The Cosmopolitan. Food, networking and drinks were the goal of the event and I will say meeting Calvin Lee and Ken Yeung at the party helped me check off the “networking” task on my checklist. It was great meeting those influential guys – good stuff indeed.

In between the multiple rounds of Mojitos, the sponsors held a few contests – prizes consisted of various items from the store, a dinner at one of the restaurants, and the ultimate prize – 24 hours with a brand new Tesla Roadster.

Sparing you the details and some of the backstory; after weaving my ping pong ball down the $9600 Hello Kitty pinball table first twice in a row – I won the Tesla !! FYI – the Hello Kitty reference can be explained by viewing the photo slideshow below.

So this weekend is the time we agreed to for me to get the car and roll through the California coast. Hopefully there will be some sun, and hopefully I be able to find a charging station along the route – since it’s an electronic car, but with it’s 245 mile range – I should be fine.

Taking a Tesla on the Open Road 2

Due to the fact that I live about 3 hours from the Tesla dealership, I must acknowledge the fine folks at Menlo Park Tesla for offering to provide hotel accommodations at the Stanford Park Hotel for one night as my wife and I journey down to Silicon Valley. FYI, the Stanford Park Hotel is not your run-of-the-mill spot. They have actually be rated as the #1 hotel in Menlo Park, per TripAdvisor. So again, I very modestly appreciate the accommodations.

That’s the lead-in. I will continue to update this post throughout the weekend with photos, videos, and Twitter posts as we lifestream this entire experience. So check back frequently (or merely subscribe to the RSS feed or my Twitter stream).

Note: The New York Times wrote a piece on the event and Tesla contest as well – read that here.

Before I head on the road – any of you have any recommended scenic sites I should make sure not to miss?


Post-Weekend Update

More to come soon – but in the interim, check out the video I put together.

Oh look – Jay Leno likes the Tesla too:



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