While watching American Idol tonight I did something I normally don’t do much – that’s watch some commercials – love my Dish Network DVR…

Anyways, I caught a commercial from Old Navy that sparked some interest.

Not because of the deals they were offering, or the folks singing the tune (apparently Melissa Molinaro , who was in the commercial is somebody I should know…) – time for a Google Search.

What actually caught my eye was, in the bottom right of the commercial, popped up the Shazam music discovery app logo.

Very clever means of marketing to a technology savvy audience Old Navy. You know everyone has a smartphone, you know upwards of 95% of them have either an iPhone or an Android-based phone. And a good number of those users have Shazam loaded.

Check the commercial below:

Check the deals, and promotion out on the Old Navy site here.


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