Early last month, I was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I was there with my wife and we were tackling as many aisles of the convention center as we possibly could; in an effort to bring you, our readership, the most up-to-the-minute news on forthcoming electronics gear.


The show was great, we went to a ton of parties and networked with many of our digital publishing peers.

At one particular event, the after party for the Mashable Awards, there was a gentlemen that was sitting next to us in the lounge. He was literally getting rushed by mobs of people; not necessarily wanting to talk to him, but merely wanting to take a picture with him.

Admittedly, neither I nor my wife, nor the couple that was sitting with us knew who this guy was – but we figured we needed to know this guy.

Come to find out, it was Paul Vasquez. If that name doesn’t ring any bells how about by his YouTube name: Yosemite Bear. Or better yet what he’s world famous for being – Mr. Double Rainbow !

Well needless to say – I took the opportunity to chat with Paul and get some background on him and learned that he actually lives in Yosemite Park (which is cool since I’ll be there in a few months camping. Coming to see you Paul !!)

Oh yeah, we got our picture with him too…

Experience The Double Rainbow 1Experience The Double Rainbow 2

Paul Vasquez is truly a kind and genuine soul. It was our sincere privilege to meet and share some time with him.

If you haven’t seen his famous video of the Yosemite double rainbow, which at last count has passed 25 million views – here it is.

You can keep up with Paul ‘ Yosemite Bear’ Vasquez through many interweb channels. On YouTube | his bloghis online storeFacebook | and of course Twitter

[image via SmugMug]

Experience The Double Rainbow 3



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