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Michael Douglas: The Journey

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Michael Douglas, who overcame cancer last year, narrated a self-written essay at the beginning of Super Bowl XLV.

The essay, on overcoming adversity, is called “The Journey,”

Here is his essay in it’s entirety:

At times, it is a struggle.

We witness it, we feel it, we live it.

And through it all, generation after generation, we never give up.

How could we?

Can you imagine what life would be like if they didn’t persevere during an era that was far from great …

If he never asked what we could do …

If he didn’t dream …

If they did not show the world — in our darkest days — that our flag was still there.

Tonight here we are united to see their journey.

Two storied franchises. One founded by a shipping clerk and the Indian Packing Company. The other named after the proud steel mills that forged this great nation.

Green Bay and Pittsburgh — where the game of football is in their blood.

This is so much bigger than just a football game. These two teams have given us the chance for one night, not only to dream, but to believe.

This is a celebration of their journey — of our journey.

[transcript via RumorFix]

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