Listen to the Cinchcast I recorded to learn all about the WHO and the WHY

The WHAT is a a brand spanking new Sony PSP 3000 that I’m giving away to one of you lucky readers !!

Through a Perk that I was chosen for from the social influence service – I have been awarded this awesome prize.

The PSP is part of a promotion that Klout was running for/with the TBS cable network and the hit comedy Are We There Yet? You know the one that’s executive produced by Ice Cube…

Well, Are We There Yet is is back on TBS with new episodes and those two companies hooked up to provide a Sony PSP 3000 loaded with the Are We There Yet? music video featuring Ice Cube and the cast.

Since I already have 2 PSPs in the house (thanks to my 9 and 6-year old kids), I want to share the love with you all.

All it’s going to take is a comment and/or a tweet with a link back to this post.

At the end of this month, February 2011, I will put all tweeters and commenters into a spreadsheet and fire up the random number generator – the person chosen then will get shipped this great prize.

Any questions? Send me an email, comment or tweet and I’ll answer you directly.


  • Contest winner will be picked on Monday, February 28th
  • Contest winner must reside in the U.S.A. as I can only ship within the United States (sorry)

Disclaimer: I was not paid by Klout or TBS for this promotion and those organizations are in no way affiliated with this contest.

Good Luck !

  • Chaitanya

    Wow! thats really generous of you! Count me in!!

  • @Chaitanya can you provide me your email address?

  • WeEw

    Great giveaway! Im also interested!my email –

  • WeEw

    @HicksNewMedia do you give the giveaway to someone else if he doesn't answer in time?

  • WeEw

    @HicksNewMedia Has he replied back? My email again is

  • @WeEw Hey, no that reader didn't respond back. I did however get a winner via a post retweet. Sorry this contest is closed.Got some other really cool ones in the works though.

  • WeEw

    @HicksNewMedia How many people have tweeted you?

  • WeEw

    What other contests are there? One of my prizes is Tuneup Utilities 2011 and the other is avast internet security 2011 if you want them, since I have norton and some other cleaners/optimizers.

  • WeEw

    How many other tweeters were there?