Manpower Launches Mobile Talent Applications for Recruiters and Candidates 1Manpower Inc. recently announced it has launched a suite of mobile talent applications that will allow employers and candidates greater on-the-go interaction with potential candidates, giving clients up-to-the-minute access to the talented individuals they need to help achieve their business goals, and making it easier for candidates to search for a job.

In other words – Manpower wants to help you get a job !!

“Worldwide, Manpower is revolutionizing the way candidates and employers interact. As we enter the Human Age and experience tumultuous shifts around the world, it will not be technology that will define this new era but rather how we interact with this new technology as humans,” said Jeffrey A. Joerres, Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO. “The inescapable pressure to do more with less through the recession has awakened employers to the true power of humans, and it is human potential itself, empowered and unleashed via technology and more, that is emerging as the catalyst for economic growth.”

Manpower Launches Mobile Talent Applications for Recruiters and Candidates 2Manpower’s new applications, the Direct Talent Recruiter Mobile Application, the Direct Talent iPhone Application and the Direct Talent Candidate Mobile Application, provide innovative features via many different operating systems designed to bridge the gap between candidates and clients. Candidates can apply for a job using “Quick Apply” with their name, email address and telephone number or with their LinkedIn, profile. They can also connect quickly and easily with a Manpower branch office, search jobs by employment type — temporary, contract or permanent roles — and location, and receive notifications directly to their iPhone or other smartphones.

Manpower Launches Mobile Talent Applications for Recruiters and Candidates 3

Manpower’s recruiter application provides a simple way for recruiters to search for and contact candidates or applicants. They can search for candidates using keywords and by location, view resumes, contact candidates at the touch of a button and create requests for talent. The application increases the percentage of client-candidate matches by broadening the talent pool, reduces the time to satisfy clients’ needs by making the search and match process available anywhere, anytime, and increases the percentage of accurate placements by finding more qualified candidates.Manpower Launches Mobile Talent Applications for Recruiters and Candidates 4

“The growing mismatch between the talent available and the skills businesses need continues to grow — which is frustrating employers and individuals alike,” added Joerres. “These new applications leverage cutting-edge technology to broaden the application pool and ensure a speedy, accurate match between qualified candidates and the employers who need their expertise. Individuals can search for a job anywhere, anytime, increasing candidate attraction.”

Soon to be rolled out in multiple countries, Manpower Canada’s web-based video interviewing technology, “Candidate Studio,” allows clients to preview candidates via a “playlist” from any location, including their smartphones, to gain intuitive impressions in a quick and convenient way. In Belgium, Manpower Business Solutions partnered with Teleportel to introduce the “Virtual Image Officer.” This virtual receptionist communicates with visitors to a company via a video screen and is a real person who makes genuine eye contact with the visitor, not a computer animation. This new technology supplies clients with high-quality people who quickly assimilate to become ambassadors of their business, while at the same time reducing costs and increasing business flexibility.

Manpower Launches Mobile Talent Applications for Recruiters and Candidates 5

Head over to the Apple App Store for more information and to get these free apps:

Direct Talent Candidate application | World of Work Insights

Manpower Launches Mobile Talent Applications for Recruiters and Candidates 6


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