Go Green This Valentine’s Day

Consumers can now show their love for their significant other and the Earth by celebrating Valentine’s Day with an environmentally-friendly gift. One such way is with the GREEN Super Gift Card available at

“Showing Earth sensitivity on Valentine’s Day demonstrates a bigger dimension of your heart, I think,” said Jeff Ehney, Principal at iCARD Systems. “Green gifting has been growing in popularity the last few years, as a non-preachy way for people to share their love for Mother Earth with others.”

iCARD’s GREEN Super Gift Card is purchased and personalized online with text and an optional uploaded photo. Delivery of the finished sentiment is then emailed instantly or scheduled. The recipient can then redeem the gift online for any of more than 50 electronic gift cards which are then emailed to the recipient. The gift cards are available from merchants like Gap Maternity, Banana Republic, Papa John’s Pizza, Sephora, Fairway Rewards, and Timberland.

This allows the recipient to choose where to use the value of the gift, and to do so without wasting a plastic card. Ehney says, “In this scenario, everyone wins. There’s no stamp, no envelope, no mail truck, and no wasted money on something they don’t want.”

“Allowing your loved one to get exactly what they want is always the perfect gift,” Ehney said. “Enabling them to get it in an environmentally-sensitive way is even better.”


James Hicks

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