Fans ‘Heart’ Mameshiba!

Move over Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids – Mameshiba is in the house !

Fans are thrilled to learn that debuting this week, the first-ever official Mameshiba product has been released for retail sale in the United States!

Available via Hot Topic online just in time for Valentine’s Day and Easter gift-giving, these brand new Mameshiba plush clips are the perfect tokens of affection, and a must-have for Mameshiba collectors.


The Mameshiba – a collection of ‘bean-dogs’ spouting oddball bits of trivia in animation shorts. Taking Japan by storm since they first popped up in 30 second spots on TV and the Internet in 2008, they have sparked interest with fans and collectors stateside, too.

In the U.S., Mameshiba have attracted over 7 million total views on YouTube, heavy traffic to the official fan site, a Facebook page, and a robust viral presence all across the interweb.

The initial collection features the iconic Edamame, Chickpea, Black Bean and Mocha Coffee Bean characters. – Edamame – Ha !! Love it !

Retail pricing for the 4″ plush clips is right around $8.99.

Come spring, fans can also outfit themselves in apparel and accessories from Bioworld, to be sold at retail stores nationwide.


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