Are You Going To Miss Keith Olbermann? 1The Countdown has counted down for the last time on MSNBC. Keith Olbermann is no longer on the airwaves going down the list of the day’s top news in business and politics.

I watched his show a handful of times and actually somewhat enjoyed his stern, rather no nonsense style of reporting. You definitely got the feeling that Olbermann was his own man, for the most part, and didn’t give in to petty water cooler conversation, but instead, spoke what was on his mind and took full advantage of his platform (MSNBC primetime), to inform the watching world of his thoughts.

Yeah, he got in trouble a few times, yeah he was also thrown out of ESPN back in the day, but what about now – are you going to miss Keith Olbermann and his Countdown?

Chime in below.


  1. I think msnbc just lost the best person they had. I will be looking for Keith elsewhere. goodbye nbc…
    Also you are doing a hell of job Brownie….You blew it…….

  2. I miss him terribly. Now MSNBC is finally the most boring news channel out there. I like Rachel Maddow but she isn't Keith. He was fun, and I could rely on him to tell the truth, with proof. MSNBC news should give up now and shut down. They stink.


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