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Get Your Smiley Cookies For The Game

Pittsburgh Steelers fans from across Steelers Nation are gearing up for the American Football Conference (AFC) championship game this Sunday, January 23 in more ways than one.

Probably the coolest marketing means I’ve ever seen is through the use of the iconic Pittsburgh Smiley Cookies and having them shipped out to fans far and wide.

For a limited time, fans of the Black and Gold can send a special Steelers gift pack right into the New York Jets’ backyard. The gift pack will include two-dozen Steelers’ Smiley Cookies for $24.99, and will ship free to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas.

And, according to Adam Golomb, director, e-commerce,, these will not be any ordinary cookies, but delicious Smiley Cookies layered in delicious black and gold icing to root the Steelers to victory.

“We’re looking to give a smack down to the Jets,” said Golomb. “And, any true Pittsburgher knows the best way to celebrate a Steelers conference championship is by consuming as many black and gold Smiley Cookies as possible,” he said. “It’s good luck.”

Can’t pick a favorite team to root for during the game? will also offer free shipping for another gift pack featuring both black and gold, and green and white for Jets fans.


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