Checking the market for the latest trending headphones, I’ve noticed that many celebs are putting their signature on high quality earbuds lately.

It all started with Dre and his Beats line, then Lady Gaga got her some, Miles Davis has his name on some hi-fidelity buds and now we have Diddy, Bieber and 50 Cent marketing their own line of headphones.

I guess the tennis shoe deals are left to the pro athletes and musicians are jumping on the headphone endorsement bandwagon. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that. I am seeing, however, that the Dre Beats line is leading the pack, in terms of marketing appeal.

Any suggestions for which ones I should go for?

Justin Bieber Talks Just Beats

50 Cent Presents Sleek By 50 Cent Headphones with Sleek Audio @ CES 2011

P Diddy and Monster Launch Diddy Beats In-Ear Headphones

Lady Gaga High Design Solo

Late addition update…

I just saw that Ludacris headphones !

Soul is his line of in-ear and on-ear HD headphones created through a partnership with Signeo USA. They come in five different models, as well as in varying colors and includes noise cancelation technology.

Luda Talks Soul


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