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Mobile 'McIntosh Style' Experience Now Available 1McIntosh Laboratory, after 60+ years in the business, is arguably considered the “platinum standard” in all upscale audio and high quality sound reproduction. This week at CES they are offering an exciting treat for iPhone and iPad users – they can now enjoy the iconic McIntosh experience anywhere and anytime with its new AP1 Audio PlayeriPhone/iPad App.

With the new App, iPhone and iPad users will now be able to select tracks, artists, play lists and albums as well as control the volume of the music, with all controls fully customized and consistent with McIntosh styling and functionality.

Notably, when not used as a controller, the AP1 will default to a McIntosh “Meter Display Mode” and act as a live meter display for the music in effect, providing users with a backdrop consistent with the iconic “McIntosh Blue” LED watt meter – a recognized hallmark of audio excellence. The App will function independent of any external hardware (such as a dock) and allow a portable McIntosh experience for all iPhone and iPad users. When used with an iPod Dock (of any make or model) the App serves as a virtual McIntosh display.

Mobile 'McIntosh Style' Experience Now Available 2

McIntosh President Charlie Randall noted: “McIntosh customers have always been a breed apart when it comes to their quest for ultimate quality in their music listening – these are people who care deeply about music quality, reliability, and of course the legendary McIntosh style. The introduction of our customized AP1 Audio Player iPhone/iPod App reflects McIntosh’s commitment to providing our customers with the latest, most up-to-date benefits and capabilities of today’s ‘digital age,’ while retaining the excellence and functionality that has always defined the McIntosh experience. Best of all, it lets iPhone and iPad users literally wear their love for McIntosh on their sleeve!”

The universal app is available for FREE now in the Apple App Store. Click HERE to download.

Mobile 'McIntosh Style' Experience Now Available 3


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