D-Link Impresses AT CES 2011 1While at this year’s CES in Vegas I had a binder full of manufacturers that I wanted to definitely see their offerings. I wasn’t as focused on 3D television sets, high-efficiency batteries, and iPad cases, even though that was more than half of the booth displays (seriously).


On my short list was to check out the D-Link booth to see what was new with the Boxee Box as I’ve been wanting to do a Head2Head comparison of the Boxee vs. the Apple TV.

After spending some quality time with the reps today I learned of the significant improvements both in hardware and content partnerships.

What is Boxee Box

Boxee Box aggregates Internet content and locally stored media into an elegant on-screen interface for a “lean-

D-Link Impresses AT CES 2011 2

back” couch experience. It’s arguably one of the best and easiest way to watch movies, TV shows and clips from the Internet on your TV. All you need is a TV with an HDMI input and an Internet connection. Boxee Box takes care of the rest. The hardware is equipped with an SD card slot, (2) USB ports, an optical digital audio connector, HDMI output, 802.11n wireless and an Ethernet port. There isn’t much Boxee Box can’t plug into. I really like the SD card slot (1 point Boxee, no point for Apple).

New Content Partnerships Add Media to an Already Huge Library

With a major showing by many at CES, D-Link and Boxee didn’t want to be left out of that mix. They’ve hinted to a coming inclusion of VUDU + 3D content. The standard 2D VUDU library, the industry’s largest full 1080p HD content library, is currently available, but when 3D comes out, that will open an even larger market for those enthusiasts on the bleeding edge of technology. D-Link and Boxee are also targeting Netflix availability in the United States during the last week of January, 2011.

The Boxee Box viewing experience is also “socially aware.” Links to your favorite social networks are built into the platform, so you can automatically see what friends are sharing or share recommendations as you watch. (2 points Boxee, still no points for Apple – man Steve Jobs better really impress me at next week’s MacWorld Expo…)

Price and Availability

The Boxee Box by D-Link is currently available throughout D-Link’s vast network of retail and etail outlets in North America, and at the company’s online store, with a street price of $199.

Stay up with all the activity surrounding D-Link and their product offerings via Twitter @dlink.

D-Link Impresses AT CES 2011 3

D-Link Impresses AT CES 2011 4


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