When I interact through Twitter, I typically use a 3rd-party tool; TweetDeck, HootSuite, or something like that.


That being said, today, I wanted to take a look at some Twitter Lists and logged into twitter.com (yes that is still the best place to see that information)…What I happened upon was some added functionality in the header bar

Twitter Adds New Power Twitter Functionality 1

I can do without the “update mood”, but the ability to upload photos and shorten links direct from the twitter.com website is pretty cool.

Twitter gifts are also probably something I won’t get involved in – I sound pretty un-social huh for a Twitter user, but judging from the look of it, the gifts as they stand now remind me of the annoying gifts you see floating all over Facebook.

Twitter Adds New Power Twitter Functionality 2Now to use the photo upload and link shortening functionality you must enable and authenticate what they’re calling Power Twitter.

Twitter Adds New Power Twitter Functionality 3

Will you be using this new functionality?


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