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Salesforce Buys Dimdim 1

Citing the Facebook Effect on the way people converse and collaborate online, Salesforce.com announced today that it has purchased real-time communications firm Dimdim for $31 million.

Founded in 2007 by DD Ganguly and Prakash Khot, Dimdim provides a web-based platform that lets users host or attend live online meetings, demos and webinars via their browsers. Simple yet brilliant, and very effective. I’ve been using Dimdim for about a year and find the service to be extremely more user friendly than some of the competitors (which helps rationalize why Benioff and Salesforce.com bought them).

With the acquisition, Salesforce.com aims to give the company’s Chatter communications platform “the same integrated collaboration and communication experience that made Facebook the world’s most popular Internet site,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO. Salesforce.com introduced Chatter in June and currently claims 60,000 users.

The purchase and planned upgrade of Chatter’s features is part of what Salesforce.com sees as a switch to “Cloud 2,” the next generation of cloud computing, which will be more social, mobile and real-time.

[hat tip Mashable]

Salesforce Buys Dimdim 2


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