Pioneer – Integrating More ‘Social’ Into The Dashboard

Pioneer has come to CES with a very profoundly focused mindset – integrate internet based content in the car. Simply. Safely.

That being said, today Pioneer Electronics announced that nine of their 2011 automotive in-dash products offer far more than great audio tuning and CD and mp3 file playback. They’re bringing your social web to the dashboard.

Being one of the first aftermarket audio manufacturers to introduce Pandora connectivity in its 2010 navigation models, Pioneer’s latest Pandora offerings expand throughout the car electronics line-up with two CD players, three audio/video, two digital media players and two navigation systems; with suggested prices starting as low as $150.

Director of Marketing, Car Electronics Division, Ted Cardenas made the announcement while continuing to focus on the overall user experience and safety factors associated with living in this connected world we find ourselves in.

I, personally, have been a fan and user of Pandora ever since Tim Westergren and his team launched a few years ago. So I know and appreciate the wide array of programming they offer (one of these days I’ll actually upgrade and get the Pandora One premium service)…

Along with the Pandora integration, Pioneer announced something slightly revolutionary in two of their navigation-enabled models.

Through the inclusion of the Aha Radio service, drivers can now connect to the social world around them with on-demand, interactive, personalized radio. Users can listen to the latest traffic conditions, listen to Facebook and Twitter updates – that’s right “listen” to those updates. During the demo this morning the voice sounded exactly like the voice used in the Xtranormal videos. I hope that doesn’t turn into a problem for Pioneer.

Along with that, there is access to hundreds of podcasts and other services such as the “Hungry” and “Coffee” stations which deliver real-time vicinity search results and directions to preferred restaurant categories listed on Yelp.

I’ll get more detail tomorrow when the conference floor opens and I get to experience my own hands-on test of these units.


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