Anvil Knitwear Launches Shirt Scan iPhone App 1Anvil Knitwear, a leading manufacturer of socially and environmentally responsible apparel and accessories, recently launched Shirt Scan, an iPhone application that allows retailers, brands and consumers to deliver multimedia content via apparel to their target audiences.

Through the use of QR (Quick Response) codes applied directly on the shirt, label or hang tag, Shirt Scan can be customized based on brand, customer, retailer or campaign, delivering a unique consumer experience in the form of articles, photos, and videos.

“Through Shirt Scan, we’re enhancing the way consumers interact with their products and services, creating a digital platform for apparel and thus improving their experience with the clothing they wear, ” said Anthony Corsano, President & CEO of Anvil Knitwear. “Shirt Scan also offers brands and retailers a unique and customizable digital marketing opportunity, using apparel as a storytelling tool for content specific to any company or campaign.”

Anvil Knitwear Launches Shirt Scan iPhone App 2The Shirt Scan application can be downloaded for free from Apple’s iPhone App Store or A user can then scan a t-shirt with their Shirt Scan QR Code and unlock the content behind that shirt.

For Anvil products, Shirt Scan(TM) will allow consumers to trace the origins of their products with mobile technology, creating an abbreviated version of, which Anvil developed for youth ages two to twelve that chronicles the life cycle of a t-shirt from seed to store.

“Shirt Scan unlocks new opportunities for consumer engagement. When we approached this project, we saw the t-shirt as not just a product, but also an identifier. It signifies a brand’s biggest fan. With Shirt Scan, brands can speak directly to those individuals using the power of digital.” says Adam Lauer, Account Manager at AgencyNet.

Shirt Scan for iPhone is being released first with applications for other mobile devices to be rolled out in early 2011. Click HERE to download the app for your iPhone.

Check out Anvil Knitwear and Shirt Scan for more information.

Anvil Knitwear Launches Shirt Scan iPhone App 3


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