WordPress Blog Stats iApp Released 1What is it that all bloggers and digital publishers want? Not everyone monetizes their site, so it’s not that. What they/we want first and foremost, is timely and accurate metrics showing our readership.


Building upon, retaining, and catering to the readers is one of the most important means of building a loyal following for a digital publisher.

With WordPress being the dominant content management system around, it makes sense to see developers building tools monitor WordPress installations.

WordPress Blog Stats iApp Released 2One such developer, Dave Ligthart, has been developing functional plugins and tools for WordPress for a few years. He’s so good that he is recognized as one of the Top 1000 WordPress Authors (he’s actually #88).

Dave recently released a companion application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that works with his WP-Stats-Dashboard plugin.

The plugin gives a very straightforward picture of how many visitors have accessed your site over a given period of time; views are available in line charts and bar graphs – which really, sounds simple and common place, but is extremely useful.

Dave has an interesting addition to his iApp and that is the ability to share your results using social media (to-date he has Twitter and Facebook).

The iApp is at version 1.0 and has some added functionality that needs to be added; I’d actually like to see further integration with the required WordPress plugin by showing your social media influence (such as Klout score, Google Page Rank, and Alexa ranking). But all those bells and whistles I’m sure will come with app maturity and feedback from the very vocal WordPress Community.

Pricing for the app is $4.99 and is available in the Apple App Store HERE.

WordPress Blog Stats iApp Released 3WordPress Blog Stats iApp Released 4

Keep up with all of Dave’s web development efforts by checking out his website or follow him on Twitter @daveligthart.

WordPress Blog Stats iApp Released 5


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