Take the 'Hut Seat Challenge' With Pizza Hut 1Pizza Hut embarked on the Hut Seat Challenge with a single mission: to travel across the nation to ask Americans, What’s your favorite? Americans responded by stepping into the Hut Seat, a nostalgic replica of a Pizza Hut booth, to make the case for their favorites over a slice of pizza.

In the Hut Seat, people from all walks of life – from pumpkin chunkers to pirates to cheerleaders — weighed in on hot topics such as ketchup vs. mustard, aliens vs. robots and blondes vs. brunettes. The resulting great debates of favorites from the Hut Seat Challenge can now be viewed at social.PizzaHut.com and clicking Hut Seat.

“We traveled to unique events across the country to put America’s most disputed rivalries head-to-head and ask people to defend their favorites,” said Chris Fuller, director of PR and social media at Pizza Hut. “While we encourage fans to be passionate about their favorite things, we learned that people do agree on one thing: everyone’s favorite pizza, pasta and wings are served up by Pizza Hut.”

The Hut Seat Challenge kicked off at a tailgate party in Lincoln, Neb., and then traveled to the 25th Annual World Championship Punkin Chunkin’ Contest in Delaware, the Boston Comedy Festival and the Pirates in Paradise Festival in Key West before making its final stop at the SEC Championship football game in Atlanta.

Pizza Hut continues the quest to find out, What’s your favorite? Pizza Hut now asks pizza fans everywhere to take the Hut Seat Challenge at social.PizzaHut.com and vote on their favorites: Sci-fi movies vs. fantasy? Football vs. basketball? Burgers and dogs vs. BBQ chicken and ribs?

Yeah – this is a story about Pizza Hut, but I’m also reporting on this simply because I loved watching me some Punkin Chunkin’ on Discovery !!

You can keep up with all the social activities Pizza Hut is involved in by following them on Twitter @pizzahut, and on Facebook.

Take the 'Hut Seat Challenge' With Pizza Hut 2


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