iPad Jam Session With Tinchy Stryder 1When the iPad first came out it was definitely considered a luxury item (something many wanted, but didn’t really see a need to have).


I’m seeing, in the span of less than a full calendar year that more and more individuals and businesses are embracing and using this Apple tablet to get things done.

With the latest firmware rev, bringing multi-tasking and wireless printing capability, the iPad is completely a fresh, new device.

In the music and entertainment industry we’ve seen artists use the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to auto-tune their voice, make funky robot sounds, and even amplify an electric guitar. Just a few weeks ago we saw a Christian choir use a handful of apps to put on a mini Christmas concert using nothing but iDevices and iApps [see here].

To prove the global nature that the iPad has, check this video from the UK showing Ghanian born and British rapper Tinchy Stryder with his crew showcasing some freestyle skills at the Carphone Warehouse using nothing but – iPads. I love how they push all the other competitor laptops and tablets out of the way, sorry Lenova…

Special shout out to YouTube user eyeopeners for posting the video.

If you’re interested in getting the iApps used in the video here is the extensive list:

Keep up with Tinchy Stryder on his blog here.

iPad Jam Session With Tinchy Stryder 2


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