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Microsoft Announces Hardware for Business

Microsoft announces their Hardware for Business products.

Everything from high-quality webcams, headsets, mice and keyboards. The line includes a range of Microsoft hardware products packaged for volume purchasing by businesses, such as the recently launched LifeCam Studio for high-definition video calls, saving businesses money and time on travel, and the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, providing users with ultimate comfort.

Microsoft Hardware for Business makes a range of Microsoft Hardware products available for purchase in increments of five, with each product individually packaged and licensed for easier distribution and customer support. The line makes it easy for IT professionals, business owners and distributors to purchase Microsoft Hardware devices for themselves and their customers.

A full list of products and more information is listed here.

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  1. Emmi134 says

    Ohhh thats great…..I have always loved their windows and now eagerly waiting for this and pads from them…Thanks

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