Google Latitude iApp Now Available in the US

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It’s been available for about a week oversees, but now the Google Latitude iApp has landed in the US App Store.

Everyone under the sun seems to be trying to get into the geo-location business, but when Google gets involved – you know they’re planning to make a big impression.

Primarily, with Google Latitude one of the main functions is that of continuous, background updating of your whereabouts. Yes, even when you’re not running the app, Latitude will be gathering your location and publishing that via Latitude.

Some of the selling points that Google is making with the Latitude app to make you feel more at ease about this capability are:

  • See your friends on a map – find out who’s nearby and meet up.
  • Share your location continuously with whomever you choose – help friends and family stay in touch with you, even when you can’t take out your phone.
  • Control your privacy – share only city-level location, hide your location, or turn off background updating at any time.

Ah yes that last one, control your privacy – do you feel more secure and private with Google tracking your every move?

If you’re still not sold, watch the following announcement video.

Note: Background updating requires an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with iOS 4 or above.

You can get the free iApp in the Apple App Store here.


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