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The Sole S77 Treadmill Designed With The Serious Runner In Mind

Regardless of your fitness level, if you like running, then the Sole Treadmill S77 is the right home fitness machine for you. It has a 3.5 horsepower motor, one of the most powerful ones seen in treadmills nowadays. The S77 weighs 250 pounds, just as heavy as many sophisticated counterparts seen at fitness clubs.

Its weight contributes to the firmness and stability you feel when using the machine. Likewise, no parts are capable of being folded. Sure many will see such as a disadvantage as it can’t save on space when not in use. However, that’s actually an advantage for those who work out intensively. The S77 can support a 400 lbs max user weight.

Whether you like some light running or serious sprinting, this treadmill got you covered. It has a belt measuring 60 inches by 20 inches in area. Taller people will not have a problem with this machine, as they will not have a hard time with making long strides.

When you walk or run, the ankles, knees, hips and back receive impact. It’s important to minimize impact for workouts that are comfortable and safe. Good thing that there’s the Custom Flex system, exclusive to Sole treadmills. Also, the rollers measure 2.75″ each, allowing for longer life for the belts, bearings and the rollers as well. Go ahead and choose from among the 6 inbuilt workout programs to challenge your body.

There are several different red LED screens on the console, serving different purposes. For instance, the 6 feedback screens display calories used, distance traveled, pulse rate, etc. There’s also a progression chart screen, and a scrolling board that provides you with clear instructions.

While the built-in speakers are not premium-sounding, it’s good enough to play the contents of your MP3 player aloud. Because of the powerful motor, the machine is capable of giving a top speed of 12 mph. Without a doubt, the Sole Treadmill S77 obviously is a fitness machine designed even for serious runners, at a very affordable price.

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