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HP Introduces The Chief Household Officer

Hewlett-Packard hopes supermodel turned “business mom” Veronica Webb can successfully kick-start its new online video series launching today.

The YouTube-based series – dubbed “Chief Household Officer” – entails eight videos promoting HP’s “ePrint” printer line.

Webb is featured in the first two videos highlighting HP printers while providing an inside peek into her daily life as an entrepreneur and single mom in New York City.

Future episodes are slated to feature other business moms such as Angela Jia-Kim, founder of organic beauty line Om Aroma and Audrey McClellan, founder of website

A spokesperson for Howcast, the New York-based online video company that developed and produced the videos, said that while the series premieres today, “each of the subsequent episodes will be posted on Wednesdays.”

The initiative’s YouTube channel is re-skinned with HP creative, as clickable ads present themselves throughout the page.

David Grubb, global media director for Palo Alto, CA-based HP, suggested that working moms are an increasingly important demographic for HP’s printer line and other products.

“Multitasking moms are always looking for easier ways to balance their professional and personal lives, and HP is dedicated to being a partner in helping them do it all,” he said. “We are very excited to work with such strong, successful women throughout the series, which we hope will shed light on useful management and tech tactics that everyday moms can apply to take charge of their homes.”


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  1. Great video Veronica – you should try AboutOne, as a mom of four boys and founder of a company, I find it helps with my schedule and I use it with my HP printer / scanner too!

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