Quad roller skating was once a well known hobby a while ago. It peaked in popularity within the 1970’s and Eighties, and following a long rest, has slowly made its way back to the limelight.

Many credit the returning popularity of Roller Derby as the reason as to why quad skating is once again popular, however in all certainty, it is simply some of it.

Perhaps it’s the reminiscent side of that may be driving us back into using these 4 wheeled quad skates, or perhaps that we are tired of inline skates. Whichever it really is, one thing is for sure – people want quad skates.

For those who want to get back into this excellent leisure activity, then for your convenience, listed below are the three forms of quad skates out there.

Aggressive – It’s kind of amazing how almost everything that rolls and moves in existence has some sort of following of adrenaline fiends.

These individuals like to drive whatever they are moving on or in to the max. Whether riding it off of ramps, over things, under things, between stuff, or flying with them wonderfully in the atmosphere – the ultimate goal is to do something brand new with it that in no way has been completed before.

These are the freestylers found on earth, the same people that took the skateboard and converted it into the way of life it is now presently. These people come with an innate desire to make the typical thing “more”, and they do a very good job at it too.

These days, you can find this crowd even in quad skating. To fulfill their need for big air and impressive tricks, a special type of skate has been produced. This type of skate provides broader trucks for increased balance in skate parks and pools.

Sport – This specific division of quad skating is for the roller derby fanatics and speed skaters. Some other sporting activities such as performance dancing and hockey have been known to make use of quad skates.

Every sort of sport commonly possesses their unique model of skate. For instance, the performance variation will have a reinforced back heel for support, and provide coverage for the whole ankle. Quad speed skates however have extremely honed bearings, high-traction wheels, as well as 62mm wheels.

Leisure – These are for the individuals that merely like to skate. Whether you want to take a cruise down the pavement by the water, or anywhere else that has a flat surface, there are quad skates for that also.

You can obtain leisure skates that are fundamentally sneakers incorporated with wheels. This style offers the comfort and style of the day-to-day sneaker, with the fun of a skate.

Whatever Quad Skates you get — is great! If you do go the speed route, you’ll want really fast wheels. For speed, go with these Quad Roller Skate Wheels.

[image via: planetonwheels.com]



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