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M55 Bike and The Beast

M55 Bike is a company that designs and manufacturers hybrid bikes.

They have an ambitious goal of creating the most sophisticated machine in this genre the world has ever seen.

M55 is well known for their flagship bike model – the Beast.

The Beast’s 1900 Watts of power allows acceleration to an incredible 40 miles per hour. This cutting edge e-bike can travel as high as 75 miles on a single charge … even off road.

The state of the art Beast features custom, major parts that have been designed by experienced engineers. The ingenuity incorporates both technologies and materials that can be found in the Formula One and electric supersportcars.

The entire M55 Bike team are devoted bike lovers and strive for the ultimate best in workmanship and quality of the e-bike’s parts.

Key Features of the M55 Beast”

  • Frame: Monocoque 7075 CNC Aluminum & carbon fiber plates
  • Motor: EB-PC motor with 32 Nm torque
  • Battery: Tenergy Polimer Li-Ion cells (20mAh)
  • Hybrid drive “pedelec” system
  • Max speed 35 mph
  • Up to 60 miles potential range with one charge

For more info check out their site here.

Anyone looking for a Christmas present for me…this will do !!

[hat tip: The Life of Luxury]

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