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Bloggers blog for a variety of reasons. Be it either the passion of being a digital publisher and getting your voice out over the interweb, or something as simple as a family focused photo gallery and event calendar.

Regardless of a bloggers reason, there is always the desire to gain quality backlinks.

SmartSearch Marketing, a full-service search engine marketing agency has announced a new Link Building service offering designed to increase the quality and quantity of in-bound links to a website.

“In-bound links play a critical role in improving organic search rankings, visibility, traffic, and results,” says Barry Bowman, VP SEO. “Yet link building can be one of the most difficult, confusing, and time consuming aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).”

Importance of Link Building

Search engines analyze many factors associated with in-bound links to a website when determining the importance and popularity of a site. This is a significant part of the algorithm by which they determine the ranked order of organic results displayed on each Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Link building has always been a part of SmartSearch Marketing’s SEO programs, but has expanded into its own offering due to the increasing importance of quality link building.

Unique Content Distribution

“Our new program capitalizes on unique content creation and distribution across the World Wide Web. The content is created by SmartSearch, with review and approval by the client,” said Bowman. “The content is optimized to be aligned with the client’s SEO strategy and keyword map, and contains back-links to important, strategic pages.”

SmartSearch creates and distributes the content, in various formats/versions, to appropriate (relevant) sites across their proprietary distribution network. As this content is picked-up and displayed across the web — and indexed by search engines — the in-bound links boost the organic rank of the client’s web pages, which inevitably drives more traffic.

Advantages of this Program

Turn-key Solution
Content is created and distributed by SmartSearch. No changes are required to client’s website. No content is added to client’s website

Reduced Compliance
Content is attributed to the individual websites and blogs that pick-up the articles (not owned by the client). This lessens the need for legal/brand compliance review
Fast Results
A significant amount of content and in-bound links can be generated efficiently by SmartSearch. No implementation is needed from the client
Significant Improvements
Organic search ranking and corresponding traffic increase substantially in a relatively short period of time

Contact SmartSearch Marketing, if you’d like more information on this innovative approach to link building and organic search improvements.


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